How to post Videos

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Thread: How to post Videos

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    How to post Videos

    Embedding a video in your posts is very simple. As long as the video is hosted on a supported site (like copy the URL and in your post, click on the video button that looks like this: . That will bring up a pop-up box where you paste the URL to your video. Click "OK" and when you post your reply the video will automatically be embedded in your post so members can watch it here without having to go to the site that the video is hosted on. That's it!

    A little more detailed explanation.
    If that sounded greek to you and you are new to the online video world then we can dig in a little deeper:

    In order to embed videos in your posts you have to have the video hosted online with a video sharing website like YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. or Vimeo, Video Sharing For You Youtube is probably the most popular so if you don't have an account yet sign up for one (it's free). Once you sign up for an account you can begin uploading your video to their website by clicking on "Upload" and following the instructions.

    Once your video is uploaded you will be redirected to the page that it is located on. When this happens look up near the top of your browser for the part that looks like this: "" without the quotes. Highlight that (the URL) and then right click and choose "copy". Come back to this site in the post that you want to place the video. Right click and choose "paste". You just copied and pasted the URL for your video here to the site. Then once you post your reply or new thread the video will show up on the site automatically.

    Note 1: Youtube utilizes shortened links sometimes that look like this: "" but these will not embed. You must use the full URL that starts with "http://" for embedding to work. If you are on the shortened link page, just reload your video from your profile and you will get to the full URL.

    Note 2: For youtube videos, the link can not start with "https://". If it does, you must remove the "s" so that it starts with "http://"

    Note 3: For youtube videos you can not be on your profile page when you link to the video. You have to copy the URL of the page where the actual video is located.

    Supported Video Sharing Sites
    Currently any videos hosted on these sites will embed in your posts following the above instructions:
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