Poll: Amphiman1's Return

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View Poll Results: Should Amphiman1's ban be removed?

31. You may not vote on this poll
  • Yes - we want him back!

    10 32.26%
  • No - please keep him off the site.

    21 67.74%
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Thread: Poll: Amphiman1's Return

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    Moderator Bob's Avatar
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    May 2017

    Poll: Amphiman1's Return

    Member jpswift1 requested the return of Amphiman1. A few members have explained his fun presence. We have looked through the site records to find the reasoning behind his ban:

    Amphiman1 continuously posted in the classifieds section. If an ATV was linked for sale, he would state he already called and purchased the machine, deterring members from responding to the ad.

    This is your community. We are entertaining the idea to bring back a fellow member under this condition: Amphiman1 will not be allowed to post in the classifieds section, or discuss buying/selling ATV's anywhere on the forum. If a member receives a PM from Amphiman1 discussing buying/selling ATV's, it should be reported to us and consequences will follow in relation to breaking his specific rule.

    The poll results will be determined in 3 days from this posting. Please keep the conversation civil in accordance to the site rules. Have a great evening!

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    jpswift1's Avatar
    jpswift1 is offline 6x6 World Sponsor jpswift1 is on a distinguished road
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    Jun 2007
    Buffalo, NY
    Yes, bring back Amphiman. His roots in this hobby go very, very deep and he's the one and the only! And we can't forget, extremely entertaining!
    "Looks like you have a problem with your 4 wheeler........you're missin' two wheels there"

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    LW1911 is offline Banned LW1911 is on a distinguished road
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    Jun 2016
    Edgerton, MO
    Before I vote to decide the fate of someone I know nothing about I'd like some of the long time member who have helped me in the past to verify what the moderator has stated (No offense to the moderator, who I likewise do not know). No offense but many times in situations like this it's he said vs he said, with the truth somewhere in the middle.

    Update: Taking advantage of other members and not making it right is a fail in my book. I have to admit I find it disturbing 9 members apparently thinks its ok.
    Last edited by LW1911; 06-26-2017 at 01:29 PM. Reason: ADDITIONAL COMMENT

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    amphibious drew's Avatar
    amphibious drew is offline Amature Expert amphibious drew is on a distinguished road
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    May 2009
    Meadville, Pa
    Bring back the one and only! Maybe with a warning label like everything else in this country.🤣
    l like to buy stuff and no I don't do payments!

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    Toys4Me's Avatar
    Toys4Me is offline Master Mudder Toys4Me is on a distinguished road
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    Nov 2009
    When I get the $250 he owes me I'll vote.

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    Rod's Max is offline Registered Rider Rod's Max is on a distinguished road
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    Jan 2017
    NE Ohio
    Bring back Amphiman1 but do it on a probationary status with full access to the forum as any other member. Set the probation period for an amount of time you the moderator/owner feel is appropriate (12, 18, 24 months as examples). Make sure he understands why he was banned, why he is being allowed back and any violations of the forum rules during the probation period shall result in the ban reinstatement. After the probationary period he should be treated like any other member if he does not follow the forum rules. This will prevent you from making exceptions and setting a precedent of special rules for individuals in the future. This also gives you the moderator/owner a way to allow banned indivduals back and it treats everyone the same.

    Just my opinion and it could help the moderator with one rule instead of potentially several rules for several individuals.

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    hydromike's Avatar
    hydromike is offline Attex Addict hydromike is on a distinguished road
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    Jun 2007
    Buffalo, NY area
    Quote Originally Posted by Moderator View Post
    If an ATV was linked for sale, he would state he already called and purchased the machine.
    Which many more times often than not, was a lie- there's the important part. Listen guys; you're friends of mine but please don't lead this charge. He's gone for a reason and he's not up for parole. He was given a ton of opportunities to abide by the rules and chose not to give a darn. Steve was here for personal gain and absolutely nothing more than that. It's preposterous that we're even bringing this up.
    Last edited by Moderator Bob; 06-26-2017 at 12:38 PM. Reason: Language

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    andylmusic76's Avatar
    andylmusic76 is offline Master Mudder andylmusic76 is on a distinguished road
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    Jul 2008
    Sarasota, FL
    Haha bring him back! Worse case he gets permanently banned. It's been quiet around here lately.

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    hipowerone's Avatar
    hipowerone is offline Master Mudder hipowerone is an unknown quantity at this point
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    Apr 2016
    Dear Moderator
    Thanks for the POLL opportunity, and the heads up on what caused this former member to be banned. After having read that, fun guy or not, I have to say I am sorry, but the former member knew the site rules before, and was probably warned before, and chose to continue to ignore both rules and warnings. I could give all sorts of other real life analogies, but long story short, some people probably will not change.

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    LittleG's Avatar
    LittleG is offline Master Mudder LittleG is on a distinguished road
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    Oct 2008
    Farnham Ny
    He still owes me 6 tires and my engine book. He was given every chance before to follow the rules and couldn't do it why would he now.

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