1994 Conquest

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Thread: 1994 Conquest

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    1994 Conquest

    Hey everybody. I've been reading up on bunches of threads, and I'm finally at a point where I need guidance. I bought this matching a couple months ago and have starts to go through it but I still have a loss of power on turns. The motor seems fine. Brand new carb, dialed in by a dealer. Fuel filter, plugs and pump are new, I've been running detergent gas through it as well. I had plenty of straight speed after that, but turns had me almost crawling, off and on, which I suspected was play in all the various chains. I replaced all the horizontal chains with some from Argo Adventures, which has helped turning power a lot, but I'm still Dragging a bit. What's next? How do I rule out the trans and brake system (brake fluid levels are good and seems clean.) Thanks in advance.

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    All the differential steering machines lose power when turning. how does it do in low range? Turning on pavement from a standstill is almost impossible in high range. tire tread has a lot do do with turning also.

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    yea...they definately turn easier when your clipping along. j.boy

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    I definitely loose power and speed when turning especially on pavement. On a hill the machine almost stops. Stands to reason since you have to apply the brakes in order to steer. You can reduce the effect on pavement by just touching the brakes repeatedly during the turn. It?s a little jerky and harder on the passengers but you can maintain more speed this way.

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    I expect a loss during turns in general, especially with the grippier tires i regrettably
    got. It seems to not be consistant though, sometimes its severe compared to "acceptable" loss, almost surge-like.

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    Check the driven clutch operation.

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