DOT 5 silicone brk fluid

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Thread: DOT 5 silicone brk fluid

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    DOT 5 silicone brk fluid

    Can someone answer this its been a puzzler to me for years i noticed years ago that my Classic Corvette that uses dot 5 the master gathers water i catch it and suction gun it out and replace the fluid the master has a raised portion where the fluid then goes to the piston so a fair amount of water can collect before entering the system so i check it often the car has not seen rain in twenty years and lives in a climate controlled shop as well as the Avenger on a recent restoration of my Avenger I replaced masters and calipers and was shocked at the amount of water that were in both now understand both the car and Argo the seal between the master cyl cover and the master body are in A1 shape its just odd now knowing that i will purge my Argos system which i had ignored not thinking the same could happen.NCT Cheers
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