Grimeca brake caliper seals for mid-90s Vanguard 2

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Thread: Grimeca brake caliper seals for mid-90s Vanguard 2

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    Grimeca brake caliper seals for mid-90s Vanguard 2

    Hi all, first off apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere; if so, I missed it when searching before posting this.

    I have a mid-90s Vanguard 2 using the black Grimeca calipers (the ones that use two bolts to hold them together / allow you to swap out pads without removing calipers.) I have the right caliper apart on my bench right now partway through a rebuild. Foolishly, I didn't check for availability of the three seals / O-rings inside the caliper - the two for the pistons, and the small one for the journal - and it seems Argo Adventure has discontinued the part.

    Does anyone know where I can obtain these seals? I tried measuring their dimensions with my calipers and plugging that into Google, but either I measured incorrectly, I guessed the degree of wear incorrectly, they're just not searchable by size like that, or all three. Any help would be appreciated, and again I apologize if I missed something obvious in my earlier search!

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    Working on the same issue as we speak:

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