Newbie with a free Attex 6x6

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Thread: Newbie with a free Attex 6x6

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    Hi bulldogmack I am also new to the 6x6 world . I also have a attac .but mine is a st 300 ,I'm looking for some of the one piece
    Balloon tires . I was told that they haven't made them sense the 70's . So I'm also thinking about the adapter kits for the conversion . I was also told to be care full of the tires I use because of the stress on the axle shafts .i found a guy that sells the adapters with the wheels , but hey are kind of priced high . Though . I two have 6 of the 1 price throw away tires , two witch are flat . I would appreciate any info you can find on tires reasonable priced . And I'll do the same. Also I seen manuals for attax on this site I think in the forum area .

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    Hey I just found the section for manuals on the home page . There's a section for attax .

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebuggyman1 View Post
    I'd be cautious of using the Silverbell wheels on used tires as the Silverbell wheels have a very small bead lip and will not hold tires that have been on a wheel with a larger lip.
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    Free? that beats my $ 50 Attex LOL


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