Attex Rebuild

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Thread: Attex Rebuild

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    Attex Rebuild

    Hi All! I'm completely new to the forum and to the world of 6x6's. I'll start with a little bit about me. I'm a early 50's, disabled industrial electrician. I spent years building and repairing factories and equipment. I was also an avid motorcycle enthusiast...if the weather was nice, and I had the free time I was out on 2 wheels. A work injury to my back ended my motorcycle career, so about 10 years ago I got into trikes. A trike is nice, but living in northern Michigan, I began to realize you really can only use it in nice weather. That's typically a Thursday in late June in my area. Not a very good return on investment. So I started thinking about other modes of transportation that would multipurpose. I first looked at quads, but steering those hurt an already broken back. Side by sides are ok, but if I wanted a Jeep, I'd just buy a Jeep. Then I started to look at Argos. For an early retired/disabled guy, they're just out of my price range. BUT....I used to build entire factories. Certainly I could figure out how to build a 6x6 "crawler" for use around my 10 acres, right? I came across an old Mechanic's Illustrated article showing how to build one, and decided I was going to modernize that design. One day a buddy of mine stopped by and saw me working on the computer and asked what I was working on, so I showed him. He asked me why, so I explained. He said, no, I don't understand why you don't just take my uncle's old 6x6. He's been trying to GIVE it away for years. A couple of quick phone calls later, and I'm going to be picking up an Attex (no idea what year or model) in a couple of weeks.

    I've been scouring the internet since that conversation with my friend, looking for a video series, or even a photo series of someone else's rebuild of an Attex. There are plenty of Argo rebuilds, and a lot of POST rebuild Attex videos, racing and here's my question:

    Does anyone know of a complete, from the ground up, step-by-step rebuild series of an Attex? I know mine is going to need a lot of work. It was part in 2000 and hasn't moved out of the pole barn where it is since.

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    I don't know of any step-by-step Attex rebuilds on the site, but there are a lot of albums or series of pictures with progress pictures and I'm sure most of us would be glad to answer any questions. They're pretty simple machines and with your background you'll probably have no real problems. I have a couple albums with progress pictures in the gallery that may give some idea.
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