I thought I would make a post for anybody that wondered who this "RSS Feeder" is. It's not some bored guy who surfs ebay all day looking for Amphibious ATVs for sale.

It is actually a fake user. I just use "him" to post links to amphibious atvs on ebay automatically. It checks every 30 minutes for any new item on ebay motors with the word amphibious in it.

Over time I will weed out any unwanted items by not allowing certain things to be posted such as airplanes, amphicars, etc.

It doesn't pick up every AATV on ebay but it does pick up ones:

- listed in ebay motors
- listed with the word amphibious in the title or description

If it doesn't fit both of those two categories then it won't show up here automatically.

Hope that helps explain it a little.