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    Here are some brochures, advertisements, etc. for the Terra Tiger amphibious ATV sold through Allis Chalmers. "Unleash your Terra Tiger":

    (click on the thumbnails for larger images)

    Allis Chalmers Terra Tiger six wheeler:

    Terra Tiger 6x6 ATV postcard (can you have more fun than this ):

    Front and back of another Terra Tiger advertisement:

    Here is a price sheet for the Tiger:

    Name your game, Terra Tiger plays it:

    A new off-the-road vehicle with amazing versatility for pay or play the year around:

    An article from the August 1968 edition of Mechanix Illustrated featuring the Terra Tiger. The article is missing a page but it is still a cool piece of literature.

    Terra Tiger advertisements

    There are some Terra Tiger manuals in the manual section of the site here: Terra Tiger Owner and Service Manual

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