6x6 World - Removing Oxidation From Your Polyethelene 6 Wheeler Body

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  • Removing Oxidation From Polyethelene Body

    I picked up a Hustler 980 BIGFOOT and I noticed that I had a little problem on my hands. The upper body was faded so bad on the hood that it was white (I believe it was because someone was sloppy when they poured gas in it because it was all around the fuel tank hole........let this be a lesson to you, be cautious when fueling up your 6x6). I was going to just try and locate a different upper body. I got a tip from Don on the forum here that said he got the oxidation out of a polyethelene body Attex Super Chief by using a heat gun. I borrowed my grandfather's heat gun, set it on "LOW" and got to work. I held the gun about 6 inches away from the spot on the body that was oxidized and ran the gun back and forth very slowly. Then after 5 minutes the heat gun was very warm and the plastic started to look like it was "sweating" and getting glossy. I then started moving the gun in rows across the spot that was oxidized, moving it as soon as the spot started to change back to the original color. It took about half an hour and I worked on and off to let the plastic cool down. After I was all done I let it cool for a little while and wiped it down with some furniture polish like Pledge and some paper towels, and thats it. Its like new again. You cannot tell where to oxidation was at all anymore. The after picture had so much shine in it that it reflected the flash on the camera, thus the white spot. Try it out, it works great. Thanks Don. Happy 6x6ing!
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