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  • Bronco Seat for your Six Wheeler

    i've needed to redo the seats in my wild wolf for as long as i've had it. the seat back was the original and shot, and the bottom was something i had quickly thrown together. last week after months of my son begging me to take him for a ride in my old bronco, i finally got the back seat down from the rafters of my shop and bolted it in. later that night it dawned on me that it would make a pretty good seat for the Wolf. i checked with the place i'd gotten my seat covers form when i built the bronco 10+ years ago and decided the $105 for the covers was more than i wanted to spend. Early Bronco Restoration Full Size Bronco Restoration Classic Ford Bronco Parts For Sale a little EBAY searching and i found a cover for $60.
    i tore my bronco seat apart to get the measurements, and cut new boards from 1/2" pressure treated plywood.

    using 1" dense foam i rough cut 3 pieces for the back and 3 more for the base

    i glued the first to the base and then glued 2 more layers on top of that

    then using an electric turkey knife i followed the shape of the board to cut the foam to it's final shape.

    i set the cover in place, flipped it over and used all the staples i could to attach it to the board. the staples don't always want to go into the pressure treated so i used a body hammer to pound them flat.

    here is the finished seat bottom

    the back of the seat took the same process until the atachment of the cover. it is held together at the bottom with hog rings

    getting the first one started was pretty tough. a small bar clamp was a huge help

    30 more hog rings and the back cover is in place

    before i mounted it in the Wolf, i set the new seat in a spare max II body i have laying around (i'm sure i'll be building one for Beths max next week) it was about a perfect fit in the max II body

    while i had the seat base torn apart i decided to mount my seatbelts to some 1"x1/8 flat stock so they have a little more to pull against.

    then i screwed the new seat in place. here is a before, and a few after shots.

    this seat isn't as wide as the original, but the space left on the sides will be nice to cram a water bottle and camera into. i will need to build a longer shift handle, as it's sort of a pain to reach under the seat, but that's for another day. the new seat looks a whole lot better and is WAY more comfortable.
    i got my seat covers off ebay from username madeone4you they seem nice and well made. the only advantage i can see to the ones from 1966-77 Ford Bronco Seats Seats Stock Front Seats Stock Rear Corbeau Seats, Front Corbeau Seats, Rear Corbeau Seat Belt Harness Bestop Seats Beard Seats Beard Options For Sale is that the back cover is zippered at the bottom so you don't have to fight with the hog rings. it took me about 3 hours to put them together. i had thought of stitching up a set of copies of the originals, but this was a bit easier and i think they look nicer too.

    Jeep rear seats would probably work as well. if anyone has one that they could get measurements from that would be good info to know
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