Nikki replacement carburetor question.

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Thread: Nikki replacement carburetor question.

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    Nikki replacement carburetor question.

    If there is a prior post on this site regarding my question, I cannot find it. So, I am posting this. I'm in the process of replacing my current 1999 Max II carburetor with a new one. Just cannot get the current one to run correctly. I took off the old carburetor and these are the numbers on it:

    Nikki 9.5

    Spent about a 1/2 hour searching on line for a replacement, but cannot find the exact match. Anyone have any ideas where I can find the exact replacement or a cross-match that will bolt on like the original?

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    You may have better luck going at it from the other direction, search with your engine info instead of the carb. Sometimes there are multiple carbs for the same engine. What model engine do you have?

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