Choke vibrates closed

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Thread: Choke vibrates closed

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    Choke vibrates closed

    While driving my choke vibrates closed. Does anyone know a fix for this?

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    What are you riding , what motor is in it ?

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    2007 Frontier 6x6 Vanguard 23hp

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    if you pull or push the choke on with a cable ...maybe just a not too strong pull spring will hold it open.when you put the choke back to open position . hope it helps , johnboy

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    Most Argo machines came through with a spring pulling the choke linkage open, some are dang near a three handed start.
    Did you recently rebuild the carb and forget to hook up the spring, or did it perhaps break?

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    you might be able to pinch the metal housing that the cable slides through a little and create enough friction to stop it
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    That's exactly what happened. I forgot to hook up the spring.
    Thank you

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