k341 kohler points adjust with engine installed

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Thread: k341 kohler points adjust with engine installed

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    k341 kohler points adjust with engine installed

    Hey guys, I replaced the points on my 945 but I'm having trouble being sure I'm at top dead center for the adjustment. I cannot look into the blower sight hole because the engine is installed. I think watching for the push rod to move the points should get me there. Would that work or is there a better way to tell? It is easy to find how to do the adjustment on the bench or on a mower but down in the tub it is tricky. Thanks for any help you can offer, Rob in Arkansas

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    Can you pull the spark plug and run a piece of coat hanger or similiar down the hole and touch the piston? Then watch the hanger move up or down. Make sure the hanger is long enough that it can't be lost in the cylinder.

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    i can do that
    Thanks for the tip
    I'll try that today

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    You don't realy need to be that precise. The points are open for a long time it should be easy to tell. Just gotta nail the gap setting when they are open

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    Hey guys I figured out how to see my timing marks with the engine in the tub

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    adjust timing with engine installed

    Hey guys, I figured out how to set my timing with the engine installed. It's a K341
    I cleaned the flywheel with sandpaper on a pencil.
    I removed the blower housing rubber boot.
    I could see the marks better there so I highlighted them and added a mark on the pull rope assembly to help me find the timing marks in the site hole.
    I used a mirror and a flashlight to line up the S mark in the site hole with the raised timing reference mark.
    I adjusted the points gap at the S mark.
    It fired right up and idled just fine.
    I had adjust the gap when it was open wherever and it just would not fire at the right time. The timing marks put me right.

    Thanks for the support on this and many other obstacles during my rebuild.

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