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6x6 World FAQ

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How much do they cost?

This depends on several factors ie. which brand, model, motor, accessories, etc but usually anywhere from $9,000 to $25,000. It's almost like asking someone "how much does a car cost?". Well, do you want the Hyundai or the Hummer? The used market is much more reasonable and you can get a good 6x6 for $2,000 to $6,000. Check the forums for more info.

Will they float?

Of course they will....unless you leave out the plugs. These 6x6 (and 8x8) ATVs are amphibious so they can just drive straight into the water where their tires propel them once they are deep enough to float. You still steer the same way in the water but you can also lean with the turn to decrease the turning radius.

How fast can I go?

Most new 6 wheelers usually have a top speed of about 25mph on land and 4mph in water from the factory. They can be modified to go faster but they are made to traverse terrain at slower speeds. Some of the older two stroke six wheelers had top speeds that were close to 50 mph.

What is a 6x6 ATV?

"6x6 ATV" refers to a vehicle with 6 wheels/tires and 6 drive wheels/tires. The ATV stands for All Terrain Vehicle and since these machines are amphibious, the acryonym is often AATV for amphibious all terrain vehicle. These vehicles have three wheels in a row on either side and they steer by stopping one side while advancing the other. Usually they are controlled soley by hand with two levers. One for each side and a throttle on one of the levers.

Where can I learn more?

Come on into the 6x6 forums

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