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Thread: New members, introduce yourself here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyaak View Post
    Hi I’ve owned a 2011 750 Hdi argo for about a year now. Love it! I’m based in Reedy Creek Australia, and it’s great argo country However have been having some difficulties of late and am trying to overcome them.
    The thing starts runs great for about 10 minutes then develops intermittent sputtering, back fire and or stalling especially when under load. New fuel, new plugs, new fuel filter, .
    I’m looking forward to learning more about these making vehicles here at 6x6
    Cheers, eric
    Hi Tyaak, It's great to hear from Argo owners on the opposite side of the world. I think you must have lots of great places to ride but If you are as far north of Sydney as i think you are you probably have some really hot weather in your summers. I assume that your 2011 750 hdi is a liquid cooled Avenger but Argo's names are confusing 'cause I think there is a argo frontier 750 with an air cooled motor. The Argo experts on this site can be more help if you tell us a bit more about your machine. My friends in England call their Argos Argocats?? go figure? Do you get gasoline with much ethanol in it? Our regular unleaded gas has enough ethanol in it to cause trouble if it is stored for any time at all in the summer. Good luck sorting out your stalling problems.

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    Thanks, I’m south of Sydney, in central Victoria. Actually an American living over here. Victoria gets plenty hot in the summer, but rarely much below freezing in winter. The argo is liquid cooled. I’ll figure it out eventually. No ethanol in the gas that I’ve been running . I did just find that the return line to the tank was kinked could that be the culprit? I’ll find out .
    Thanks for the welcome aboard

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    hi everyone im new here from california and im looking to sell my 4x4 coot and to see what everyone else is doing dog passed away last December so i decided i dont want my coot was our project we spend about 8 years working on it fixing it up making it drive-able.used it mostly to take my dog for a daily ride but also get firewood sometimes from the pile.this was a fun project but it just reminds me of better days.hope im getting this in the right place.thanks.

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    Hi there tomscoot
    Sorry to hear about your dog. However, you can and might meet a new best friend, who just might enjoy the coot along with you?
    If you are determined to sell the coot, you can post it here AATVs For Sale
    Best just the same

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    Hello everyone, im Adam and I have a LTV KID 8x8 Im thinking about selling it as well i have all the original paperwork for the purchase. It does need tom work but it runs and drives.

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    northern Wisconsin
    Welcome to the site. You can post your kid for sale in the “aatv,s for sale” section.
    What it lacks in ground clearance it makes up for with traction.

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    Hello everyone my name is Ross i have a Max 2 6x6 im in the middle of fixing it now, wondered if anyone had any recommendations on tracks?

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    Hi, I'm new here and I'm working on an Attex 208/TT for a guy. It has a Baker Hill trans, that I have torn apart, thanks to the threads here. Everything "internally" looks good, except the fluid looked like a "chocolate milkshake", the shift fork had broken "pins" and the rod is slightly bent, at the top. Other than that, there seemed to be no other "issues". I will be looking for assistance in sourcing the parts needed, and any other suggestions as to "upgrades" that will make this a fun and reliable "swamp toy" for the guy. Thanks, in advance, for any help/suggestions. I look forward to this "build", and to getting more knowledge about these types of vehilcles.

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    Hello aatv fans

    Hello everyone I am not new to aatv’s but I have never owned one personally always watching my friends driving around and having a blast so about a year ago I started looking for one but I was never able to find the right one for the right price I have found vintage everything and I mean everything not just argo’s and max# but bush swampers amficats and a lot of others but all way over priced my budget is 1000 not 10000+ that everyone is asking I am very mechanically inclined I have bin on 4x4’s and snowmobiles ever since I was able to touch the handles and if anyone needs any bush swamper info/parts I live 30 minutes away from Bristol machine works and by the way if anyone has a project machine in northern Ontario I might just buy it thanks

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    New to the 6x6 world. Bought an Argo and I’m hooked
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