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Thread: New members, introduce yourself here

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    Jun 2022
    Cupids Crossing, NL Canada
    Hello everyone!

    My name is Ricardo. I'll soon be 55, and I live in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada.

    I just purchased a 1993 6x6 Argo Vanguard, my very first ATV of any kind. I'm looking forward to interacting with everyone here, and I'm hoping to learn from all of you too.


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    Hey all, Just pickup a new to 2003 Max iv, 25hp commander, with 26s”. Fun, seems to be in good shape, starts and run great, think it’s in need of some adjustments, but not bad.

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    Hi I have an ARGO CENTAUR 950gh and 2 Max 6x6's that I use here in Alaska. Always looking for new tips and tricks to keep them running in the bush!

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    Hello from Canada. Thank you for accepting me to the site. I was given,yes given a late 80's Max IV about 6 years ago and it sat in the shed until a couple months ago. Got the engine running and installed a new driven clutch that I purchased from Everything running fairly well except it looks like I have a transmission fluid leak and the engine periodically has no spark. This machine is a lot of fun for the family. The wife and I throw all 6 of our kids on there haha. Thank you again

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    Greetings from NE Ohio. Just bought a Maxx 4 during the Labor Day Weekend. Surprised it performed as well as it did. Has lacked serious maintenance for a while. I knew it needed chains, sprockets and bearings. Looking forward to the rebuild. Has Goodyear 26's and a Kohler Magnum20 installed. I have re built several motorcycles and one airplane so turning wrenches is not a problem. Also own my own machine shop. The question I have for members is: Is there a direct replacement for this engine? I am concerned that parts , if available will be more than a new engine. This Maxx appears to be an older unit, serial number in the 8000 range. Driven it a little, despite all the racket and I really like this machine. So far, this site has a wealth of information which I am just staring to explore.

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    Hello - Does anybody have a good running gas WG750 or WG752 for sale - Thanks Bob

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    May 2009
    NJ 08533
    Don't see many welcomes so I figure on a group welcome to all the newest members.
    Come in look around and learn what you can, question what you can't but be patient.
    This is the busy season with the hunters logging in to see what's going on so responses may be quicker.

    It is best to ask your questions in the affiliated forums. For the Kubota engine, try member plumcrazy though the one he had was a while back, check the parts for sale section.

    My new beer holder spilled some on the trails - in it's hair and down it's throat.
    Joe Camel never does that.

    Advice is free, it's the application that costs.

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    Argo Jim a veteran of the sport and great spokesperson for the site and yes welcome newcomers u are needed a huge depth of knowledge is available so any questions or topics u want to add also welcome.Cheers NCT

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    New guy here. Had problems getting my account to go active for a while but site staff got if fixed. Picked up Hustler and am pretty excited about!

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