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Thread: New members, introduce yourself here

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    Hi guys,
    Just joined the amphib community with a 2022 Argo Frontier 650 8x8. Looking forward to getting out in the Northern Minnesota swamp with this thing!!

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    Hello everyone! Purchased an older Argo Response 8X8 late in 2021, did some work to it and added some accessories to make it suitable to my purpose. Took it on our first adventure in Feb of this year on an ice fishing trip. Looking forward to many "Argo Adventures" in the future. Currently using it on my property to haul firewood and just used it on the water the other day to pull the raft off my lake for the Winter! Joined to take advantage of the collective wisdom I'm sure is collected here in all the members who have more experience with these machines than I ;-)

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    Welcome enjoy a look about be sure and check out the gallery members here use their machines from anything from work to pleasure or a bit of both some are specifically outfitted with options some not some use their machines to cross to water access cabins some only during the fall hunt a great deal to be learned here ask questions be patient answers you will get.Cheers NCT

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    Hello from Alaska! New to this board and just got an Argo. Looking forward to lots of great info and ideas.


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    Hello there, I'm new to the site.
    I have just purchased a 41 yrs old 6x6 that has been sitting in a back yard with no engine for over a decade. Thought I might find some useful information here.

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    Hi all. I am new to the forum and new to the Argo world. I recently purchased a 2009 avenger 700 8 x 8. The machine is in beautiful shape and has 18 inch tracks, a full enclosure, and a snow plow. I live in the UP of Michigan and have already been able to use it to plow snow. It seems like an amazing snow removal machine! Based on a post i read here I have added an onboard battery minder to keep the battery topped off after using the winch for plowing. I have had two issues with it so far. Unbeknownst to the seller, there was a leak in the gas tank. He was gracious enough to drive two hours up here and fix it for me. Great guy! This past weekend the temperatures were down in the single digits and I had a frozen fuel line. I got that taken care of and now keep it in my semi heated garage. I am really looking forward to learning more about this machine with the help of you all, and getting out and enjoying it!

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    Hi I am Al from alberta and working on a jumbo prairie bobcat

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    Dec 2018
    Thanks for the welcome,and i have a 2002 vanguard ii and enjoy it. Rtoday while riding the motor bogged down and went tight after 4000hrs and thinking about a predator motor.I live in wisc. and use my argo for hunting and ice fishing. We hunt tamarac swamp and ice fish Lake Winnebego.

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    Hello everyone, I'm new here but I still have a common interest as many as you do too. Anyone know of any meets with Argo's this year when the weather gets a little warmer?

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    I?m looking forward for the knowledge that will be found in this group. I have a 70 something hustler, 16 hp Kohler engine t20 transmission. I?m a thinking about bring it back to life, it doesn?t leak much as it was holding water and the frame and axels have seen better days as the rust worms have eaten the inner frame and damage the axles. Rims and tires will need some help also.
    Attempting to clean and remove frame for further inspection.

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