bearing lock rings?

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Thread: bearing lock rings?

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    bearing lock rings?

    hustler 950 that was submerged in salt water then sat for a year so everthing is rusted.
    trying to remove bearing from axle. is there 2 lock rings on either side of bearing in picture. if so is there any way to get replacements if i have to cut them off.bearing 2.jpgbearing 2.jpg

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    the inner one is probably just a shaft collar that is held in place on the axle with a set screw. i would cut it all off and start fresh. the shaft collar isn't original to the machine. probably just to keep the axle from sliding out if the ecentric ring failed
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    mcmaster carr co. has the 2 piece clamping shaft collars . i have them on all my axles to keep them in place . very strong and easy to install and remove without taking the axles out of the bearings . good for holding sprockets in place also if the space is there. johnboy va

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