Alaska Hustler (aka Sidewinder) 6x6

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Thread: Alaska Hustler (aka Sidewinder) 6x6

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    Alaska Hustler (aka Sidewinder) 6x6

    Tracked down a replacement 6x6 unit after selling my Terra Tiger. It has all the amenities that I discovered I needed in a 6x6. Like a quieter 4stroke engine, T-20 skid steer transmission, and electric start

    I'm not sure if the year yet, however this would be a Custom Hustler unit that was sold to Marine Products & Equipment Corporation, where it was modified and rebaged & sold as the Sidewinder unit.

    So far I've replaced the push start switch, got it running and drove it around the yard, where it became apparent there was an issue with the drivers chain drive. Posted on a FB group and got that adjustment resolved fairly easily. (Edit still having some clunky turning effect)

    The 18hp Briggs & Stratton I/C engine, seems sluggish in its throttle response so I looked into the carburetor and found a rats nest of "making it work" if you could call it that. The governor was disconnected and set to a fixed position via spring and the linkage was tied directly to the throttle link lever, not how I believe it should be. I'll be doing more research before moving forward.

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    Took quite a few hours today to rejuvenate the upper plastic tub with a heat gun. Turned out much nicer!

    Running pretty good now the carb linkage has been fixed. Off to get a air filter and then a test drive around the block.

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    Took it out for a spin yesterday and although it's running better with the governor&linkage more in tune with what it's supposed to be like, it started dieing under load and still rather guttless in drive. Unless I floor the throttle and remove the load to keep it from dying Or ease into the load slowly.

    Tore back into it and discovered 1 cyl not getting random spark, basically only running off one side.
    I'll be replacing the coil first after finding a MacGyver patch on a broken wire.Noticed a patch in the wire where someone had spiced it with house wire, everything was pretty corroded.

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    That's an amazing difference using the heat gun! Well done. Overall the machine looks to be in pretty good shape. Nice find. My Hustler had a bone stock un-molested 18hp IC in it. If you need any photo's of the throttle/governor setup let me know.

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    Photos would definitely help!
    I have compiled a list of part numbers Im hunting for on eBay, for now it's more or less functioning as intended but I'm working to get it back to stock.
    A length for the rod going from the governor to the throttle would be most helpful, it seems that parts discontinued.

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    Here's the stock set up.

    The rods and spring.

    Hope that helps.

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