Looking to ride with other six wheelers in your area?

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Thread: Looking to ride with other six wheelers in your area?

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    May 2007
    Kings Mountain, NC

    Looking to ride with other six wheelers in your area?

    Several people have asked me about making a forum for each state/area so that people can post about riding there. I would be happy to do that if we get enough posts. For now, just post in this forum with the state/area in the title.

    I have seen several PMs about people finding other six wheelers in their area just down the street because of this site and I'm sure there are many more of you out there close by that just don't know it. One thing this hobby needs to survive - other six wheelers to ride with so let's talk about what we can do to find each other more easily:

    -First, fill out your location in your profile. I know some of you wear tinfoil hats and worry about black helicopters flying over your house but you can always put a county or even just your state. Just let others know where you are.

    Start a post in this forum. For example, "Anyone in the Charlotte, NC area looking to ride?"

    Simple as that!

    You may be surprised how many six wheelers are near you! Happy Wheelin'

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    May 2008
    Alto MI

    6x6world map

    Alot of new members are not on the map yet. lets see where you live.

    Kevin Hough

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