Who Here is From Ontario

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Thread: Who Here is From Ontario

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    Nov 2020
    Southwestern Ont Can about 5 miles from Lake Huron just north of the town of Goderich.
    Little place north of Goderich , Dungannon. Model plate says it is a 92....Argo tells me it actually is a late 91. 6x6 Vanguard. My second one. Had a 83? Back in 2008.

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    Welland, ON and have a 1991 Vanguard

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    Feb 2020
    Fort Erie, Ontario
    Howdy neighbour.

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    Ottawa here. 2000 Conquest. Where are you guy finding trails? One guy mentioned lots of trails around Ottawa/ Gatineau area. How are you finding them? I'm making an honest effort not to trespass. Crown land atlas is good for Ontario, cant find trails in quebec. Also have a cottage in the Laurentians (Quebec) looking for riding areas.

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    Feb 2015
    Haliburton ON
    Haliburton here, bemoaning the lack of trails that have not been bought up and closed.

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    New to the forum, also a new owner of a 1991 Magnum 8X8. But I am from Muskoka and have property where I ride in Sudbury.

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