Funny Max story

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Thread: Funny Max story

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    northern Wisconsin

    Funny Max story

    Yesterday a young man from Florida came to my house here in Wisconsin doing door to door sales. He was interning doing this for a summer job. It was his first day here in Wi. I was his third stop of the day. He seen my Max and asked if he could look at it. I said wanna go for a ride. He graciously excepted. We went in the lake, up steep hills, and through the swamp from hell. He had a blast and I couldn’t t wipe the smile off his face. He said he’s seen videos but never seen one up close. I said to him I bet you never thought your first day on the job could be so fun?. I also thanked him for taking interest in my niche hobby. I enjoy showing people what amphibs are all about. Most folks have heard of them but don’t know what they are capable of. He didn’t make a sale that day but made a memory. For both of us.
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    great story t !! it's always fun showing people what these machines will do . just the other day the kids down the road came over ..after a few minutes , as always they asked '' kind we ride in the max ? '' so without hesitation , off we went thru the woods and swamp . does'nt take much to get me in there . jboy

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    Caldwell, Idaho
    He's going to get one someday now I betcha.
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    Good "ambassadorship" tbone9.

    Max 6 Wheel Drive

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