Amphicat Dealer Promotional Videos

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Thread: Amphicat Dealer Promotional Videos

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    May 2007
    Kings Mountain, NC

    Amphicat Dealer Promotional Videos

    A big thank you to Don for sending in some incredible footage of Amphicat 6x6 ATVs. These videos were originally used as promotional tools for dealers in the late 60's and 70's. They try to showcase the Amphicat in just about every kind of terrain and environment possible.

    These videos were originally on tape and they were set up to continuously loop over and over at the dealerships and 6x6 events. This particular video came from a dealer in Wisconsin and Don had them converted over to DVD. I took them and edited them for time but managed to get most of the scenes in there. There is no sound and I didn't want to add any music to something like this so I left it as it was.

    Many of the scenes show some of the Amphicat's accessories including dual tires, tracks, a windshield and an outboard motor. Outside of the off-road footage, there are two scenes where the Amphicat is shown on asphalt that are very nostalgic. One scene was shot at the "Product of the Year" parade and it briefly shows the Amphicat company car and trailer. The other scene was shot at the Indianapolis 500 and if you look carefully, you can see Clarence Cagle. For you Indy buffs, you already know that Clarence was the track superintendent for over 30 years and was accredited with helping to revive the track after World War II. It appears that he was using the Amphicat to get around the track.

    Outside of that, this video shows some cool footage of the Amphicat utilizing its amphibious capabilities in fast moving water. It also demonstrates the light footprint of the ATV by showing it driving over a bed of nails and even a couple of people lying on the ground.

    This is some great historic footage of the Amphicat. Again, thank you Don for sharing this with everyone!

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    Jan 2008
    Vicksburg, Michigan
    Thanks Don!

    The dual wheel kit in the water sure looks stable and fast! Looks like almost half the tire is out of the water too! I also dont recommend anybody with a vintage fragile abs plastic body machine to do the log climb like that. I have to quit at 10 min but will watch rest later. Very Cool!

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    May 2008
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    that was awsome, and that cat with duel baloon tires sits high in the water and sure moves right along.
    Kevin Hough

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    Jun 2007
    Northern VA
    Nice job, Mike; It looks great!

    If you ever decide to put it to music, something from "Jurassic Park" might be appropriate. The younger people in the film are most likely in their 50s or 60s now!
    Stuck in the seventies- not in the swamp.

    (6) Attex, a Hustler, a Super Swamp Fox, (2) Tricarts, (3) Tri-sports, a Sno-co trike, 3 Dunecycles, and a Starcraft! far

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    Very cool Don!

    Thanks to both you and Mike for letting us have a look.

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    Now THOSE were some "pristine" amphicats.

    Who would have thought that they would ever think of using a human as an obstacle? That was brilliant. And the suit & tie guy.....what a hoot. They definitely had a sense of humor promoting their machines. No wonder the Banana Splits liked them so much. Tra La La.


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