Tricub-Sperry Rand Decals

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Thread: Tricub-Sperry Rand Decals

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    Tricub-Sperry Rand Decals

    Hello, I'm currently restoring two TriCub's and looking for replacement decals. For the most part looking for the SPD front decal and the rear TRICUB decal. I think there were only three used total, the on & off was the third one I think. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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    I think member liflod has the SPD stickers.

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    I tried sending liflod a PM but his message box is full. Thanks again.

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    Send me an email.

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    Email sent and thank you.

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    I have these decals if you still need them.

    SPD Tricart X5
    SPD Tricart
    SPD Tricub
    SPD Minicub
    SPD Wedge 295

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    Hello I just finished restoring my 2nd TriCub! The only thing I am lacking are the decals and to have the seat refinished. I'm also in the market for another seat. I sent the body out to a fiberglass shop to have all the fiberglass repaired and then repainted. Turned out like brand new. I also had the handle bars re-chromed. This one I made electric start as well, which is a game changer. I will attempt to get in contact with Wildman regarding the decals but throwing this out there to anyone else as well. Long live the TriCub! IMG_3562.jpgIMG_3650.jpgIMG_3656.jpgIMG_3558.jpgIMG_3652.jpg

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    That is very cool! Looks great!

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