A ton of stuff

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Thread: A ton of stuff

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    If you still have the windsheild for a max iv . I'd be interested.

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    I am interested in tracks for a max iv also. Need the extenders too. Please send pics and info?



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    Oct 2010
    Are you still selling parts for Max IV's?
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    Do u have any old style 18” plastic super track segments if so Joe.northfork@yahoo.com

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    I am sure this is a long shot. I am Looking for an amphicat gas tank.

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    Sep 2019
    Port Orchard wa
    Hello im looking for a muffler, exst.manifold ect. that will work on the new B&Stratton vanguard 23hp to fit in a 1994 max 4. thank you jason.

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    Do You have any old style 18” Argo super track links for sale? I could use 6-10 of them

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    Hello, I'm looking for a Max II engine cover.

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    Looking for window, tracks, canvas enclosed roofs any after market accessories for the max iv .

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    Where are you located? I have a 2009 Max IV that came with full canvas and roll bars, but I do not use them much as the canvas rubs my head when I am driving. My Max IV was in storage for most of its life, so camo canvas and windows are in good shape. You need windshield and roll cage to use, however.

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