A ton of stuff

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Thread: A ton of stuff

  1. #21
    Hey OP...are you still selling parts? You don’t seem to reply to anyone anymore.

    Max 6 Wheel Drive

  2. #22
    Wouldn't have any older Vanguards would you? Trying to track down some steering levers...

  3. #23
    Looking for a axle for an old 6x6 argo 3 bolt and a rim

  4. #24
    Any tracks for a2006 MAV IV ?

  5. #25
    Join Date
    Apr 2019
    Bismarck, ND
    780 series Drive Clutch or similar

  6. #26
    You have any wind shields left?

  7. #27
    Join Date
    Feb 2018
    Cape Coral FL
    Hey man I'm looking for a 26" rim for my max vi I also live in Fl

  8. #28
    greetings S.Slider, i am looking for a set of tires and rims to use with a set of tracks. Need a windshield also. Can you give me a list with prices of what you have, pics if possible.

  9. #29

    Max IV canvas

    KenF, how much are you asking for the canvas?

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    Join Date09-19-2009
    Last Activity08-09-2020 12:51 PM

    HMm to bad he hasnt been on since last year. could use parts

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