need re-built t-20

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Thread: need re-built t-20

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    My post came after yours due to the time i posted and was not directed at anything you said. Your points are always valid. I was just trying to ease max rules mind if he really is considering buying of jpswift. I do understand and agree with your rebuilt breakdown as well. I've bought some junk stuff several times and can relate to getting a townie special. Actually my machine was a townie special and if it were not for this site, jpswift's help, and the advice of fellow forum members my wife might have really killed be after the 8th or 9th issue i had with what appeared to be a really clean machine.

    After a t20 teardown with jpswift, i don't even hesitate to pull one apart. They really are fairly simple. If you don't feel comfortable buying a referbed from a private party, i would encourage you to tear yours down yourself using the link hydromike posted. If its already broke, what do you have to loose. The worst that happens is you gain some knowledge about your machine. All parts can be purchased new, and bands can be relined. Someone here had drums redone as well.
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    It was fun reading your post and agree with your encouragement to DIY. The fun part was the post seemed to encourage Brandon and Myself to DIY. Both Maxrules and I are the established old-timers in this obsession. I think Brandon (the young old timer, I think he is still in his 20's) had a Trail-boss before he had a bicycle and was a Max dealer by the time he was 18 and I was racing 6x6's back in the 70's. I think Brandon's position was, as a dealer he performed repairs and to make a profit and warrant the repair RC price was fair. Richard is OK but you have to get use to his demeanor. I deal both with RC an RI. BTW no offense was taken. Keep up your Passion for these 6x6's.

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    Well said, JerseyBigfoot. It sounds like I might have to hire you to write my biography someday.

    In reference to my original post. I was not speaking about JP's T-20, just rebuilt T-20s in general. It's kind of like shopping for a Max on ebay... I don't think the year model claimed has EVER been the actual year of the Max!

    I've been talking to/doing business with Richard Clark for 15 years. We used to not see eye to eye and we didn't talk as friends. In recent years we have discovered we have a lot in common and even though we compete a little in the same sport, we get along great. I just recently went to Louisville, KY to pick up a used Frontier 6x6. Richard lives in that area so I called and made arrangments to meet up. He welcomed me into his home and we talked for a couple hours before I had to drive home. Richard is a great businessman and really just an all around cool guy. It was really fun to meet him and know who I'm talking to on the phone after so many years. You guys that don't get along with him, for any reason, should really try to talk with him on fresh terms. You'll be glad you did.
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    i re-built this t-20 back in oct. 2010. at the time one drum was scarred to where i was able to machine it down to just inside the minimum spec according to a post on here. now it seems that i'm having some leaking issues i think at my lower plunger o-rings due to excessive lateral travel on one side. the re-build was simple thanks to the article posted here. i just don't have the time or a healthy back to do this again. i would really like to start fresh with a decent re-built t-20, as i think that may be cheaper than replacinging my drum, bands, etc. thanks for all your input on my situation.

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    How much to completely rebuild a T20 Tranny?
    Not sure if mine needs a complete rebuild but I need a cost idea.
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