Sound off with your Attex type, Serial Number,Color

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Thread: Sound off with your Attex type, Serial Number,Color

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    Sound off with your Attex type, Serial Number,Color

    Starting an Attex vin thread for those interested, pretty easy since the frames are stamped for the year frame was made. It will be interesting to learn if the letters denote model or engine so try to be precise.
    Note; the machines may have been completed or sold at a later date.:

    ---70-71 Attex ST/300/D (used to be) no Vin like most. ARGOJIM / painted and I like it, not sure what it'll end up yet.
    70 ST300 --- JLO Trans no. 1200098 Eric1971
    3222---St400R CCW400 Baker/Hill 7000
    71KK14190 --- 71 Attex frame converted to 4 chain ARGOJIM
    72AA14357--- 72 ST/295 / yellow no engine trans ARGOJIM
    73H?15872---73 440 ThunderChief / yellow 4 bolt 440( get the letter once frames out) ARGOJIM
    74EO26643--- BudRacer started as 400 Chief
    75CP27128---LTB little truck started as green SC (?)
    75EP27189---75 400 Chief / yellow 4 bolt 400, soon to be 6 bolt 400 ARGOJIM
    77JN10339---77 500 Superchief . Green lower/Orange upper. Soon to be new Black lower/New Orange upper 484 Chapparal ARGOJIM
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