Interview - Hydrotraxx Amphibious ATVs

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Thread: Interview - Hydrotraxx Amphibious ATVs

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    Interview - Hydrotraxx Amphibious ATVs

    I recently had the opportunity to do an interview with Kenny McCleery of Sunlake Products LLC. They are the manufacturer of the hydraulically driven 6x6 ATV known as Hydrotraxx! This is the first in a series of interviews designed to give 6x6 World members an inside look at some of the finest AATVs manufactured today and what better 6x6 to start with than Hydrotraxx? Let’s jump right in:

    Mike: Could you tell me a little about the history of Hydrotraxx?

    Kenny: The first prototype for HydroTraxx was completed in 1994. Initially, we wanted to create an amphibious vehicle that would provide serious recreational and commercial customers with a product of greater quality and capability than what was available on the market.

    Mike: What does the name Hydrotraxx stand for?

    Kenny: ‘Hydro’ – meaning aquatic (today often thought of as hydraulic) and ‘Traxx’ – a 6x6 capable of running tracks – were merged to become a symbol of high quality among AATV enthusiasts.

    Mike: Where is HydroTraxx produced?

    Kenny: HydroTraxx has two locations, central Indiana and eastern Tennessee.

    Mike: What are the core competencies of Hydrotraxx?

    -Hydraulic Drive System
    -Attention to customer feedback
    -Attention to detail

    Mike: It would seem to me that over the last 10 years, the booming popularity of zero turn lawn mowers has forced spending on research and development of hydraulic motors. These motors have become more reliable as well as faster/more powerful over the years. Have you and your customers been influenced by these changes and have you been able to enjoy economies of scale?

    Kenny: Since hydraulics hit the lawn mower industry, it has increased public awareness of its superior benefits and quality as well as triggering incredible advancements in hydraulic component technology. Those who are in the market for an amphibious vehicle now have more to choose from as well as more knowledge to help them make that choice.

    Mike: Are most of your units sold directly to the public?

    Kenny: Until recently, the majority were sold directly from the factory. We have now opened up dealer opportunities to North America.

    Mike: What can we expect from Hydrotraxx in the future?

    Kenny: The same – more than you expect! HydroTraxx will continue to listen to customer feedback, explore innovative ideas and make advancements when and where possible.

    Mike: How do you view today’s market for AATVs and how has it changed over the past 10 years. Where is it headed?

    Kenny: In general, there is a steady increase in AATV interest for recreation. Despite quads and non-amphibious utility vehicles, people are realizing their need for AATVs and the many benefits associated.

    The commercial market has definitely increased over the years. West Nile Virus, disaster relief, natural resources, aquatic management, surveying and utility companies, to name a few, have been able to increase their scope of operation with the use of AATVs.

    Mike: From viewing your website I see that you have used the term Amphibious Utility Vehicles. Does this mean that your target market is mainly for commercial applications?

    Kenny: HydroTraxx has provided customers in both the recreational and commercial markets with our products over the years. Recreational customers see a well-built, capable vehicle that is as much a tool as it can be a toy. Commercial customers see a product that is built to the standards they expect and deserve. Auxiliary hydraulic power opens the door to many possibilities. Regardless of what type of customer, we all appreciate performance and reliability.

    Mike: How do you differentiate yourself in the AATV market from the other manufacturers?

    Kenny: Although the HydroTraxx is larger than some, it isn’t the largest. Because of its convenient size, it is capable of tough, demanding applications and yet not too big for many recreational activities.

    The fully hydraulic drive system definitely puts HydroTraxx in a league of its own. Some have said the HydroTraxx is somewhat overbuilt. This kind of feedback comes from putting quality at the forefront.

    Mike: I have seen your website (which looks fantastic by the way) and I have seen your advertisements on the major search engines. Other than those two resources could you tell me any other ways that you market Hydrotraxx.

    Kenny: HydroTraxx can be found at assorted shows and expos as well as Internet advertising.

    Mike: Where are most of your Amphibious Utility Vehicles sold?

    Kenny: Although the HydroTraxx is sold to nearly every continent, the majority is in North America. Because there is an unlimited amount of uses, customers are widespread.

    Mike: Talking price is usually a touchy subject but how much do you feel that your price point in the market compares to your competition.

    Kenny: With competitors’ price tags on each side of the HydroTraxx’s, few, if any, have lower operating and maintenance costs. How much is reliability and peace-of-mind worth?

    Mike: On behalf of 6x6 World and all of our members, I want to personally thank you for taking the time to answer these questions for us. I wish you continued success!
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    Additional Information

    Hydrotraxx currently offers two models, the RAV6 with a 35 HP gasoline engine is the lightweight model perfect for water use and available with optional dual prop drive. Also available is the RECON powered by a 35 HP Kubota diesel. The RECON is a true workhorse!

    Both models are powered by 6 individual hydraulic wheel motors for true zero turn capabilities, ease of maintenance, and more torque than you can handle.

    Here are three videos from Hydrotraxx on youtube:

    YouTube - HydroTraxx - The Ultimate Amphibious ATV

    YouTube - Close Up

    YouTube - Zero Turn

    If you want to learn more about Hydrotraxx the easiest way is by visiting their website or by using their contact info below:

    HydroTraxx Home - 6x6 ATV Amphibious

    phone: 317-539-6481
    fax: 317-539-4266

    Sunlake Products LLC
    188 W. Main Street
    Suite 205
    Morristown TN 37814

    Be sure to mention that you read their interview on 6x6 World!
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