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Thread: Welcome to the VIP forum

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    Welcome to the VIP forum

    The main objective of our site is to promote the amphibious ATV hobby in a positive and family friendly way. We want everyone from beginners to experts to feel at home and have a place to share their passion for AATVs. In doing so hopefully this site can shrink the distance between you and your closest AATV neighbor and be the kindling that allows the interest in our sport to reignite.

    This particular forum will serve as a place to learn what the V.I.P. and "who's who" of the amphibious ATV industry have to say about our hobby and the market while also allowing us a closer look inside their products and organizations.

    These interviews have taken place over the past five months and will continue with other manufacturers. These are meant to be fun and informative. It took some time for each participant to sit down and answer these so lets thank each one for their commitment.

    I am posting these exactly as they were answered with the only editing being grammatical. I hope that you enjoy these as much as I have enjoyed doing them.

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    Hey Mike,

    If you are looking for a good subject for this forum I would think Matt Oxender would be ideal to interview, you could ask him about, among all the Mudd-Ox details, how he came to purchase RI and what he plans to do with it, including how it will affect the present RI dealers and whether they will now become Mudd-Ox dealers too. I think Matt's story will make a good read and will answer a bunch of questions that a lot of the followers of this website have that are interested in the Ox and the RI products. Anybody else think this would be a good idea?

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