Mudd-Ox Vintage Museum Online

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Thread: Mudd-Ox Vintage Museum Online

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    Mudd-Ox Vintage Museum Online

    We would like to announce a new section to our website just for amphib enthusiasts: the vintage AATV museum! Here you will soon be able to find a variety of information, stories, literature, pictures, video, and everything historic of days gone by. This section will become larger as time goes.

    Our goal
    One unfortunate aspect to our niche hobby is the loss of information throughout time. In the near future, we are building the first museum dedicated to amphibious ATV's. For the past 20 years our 6x6 collection has grown to be one of the most diverse. Many are known to be 1 of 1, or very limited production. These vehicles that led the path for modern machines deserve to be preserved and displayed. One of our favorite aspects is not only the machine itself, but the literature and history behind them. Documentation of personal experiences such as racing in NATVA or purchasing an Attex from an original dealership are hard to find. Our goal is to put history on paper and preserve priceless information for generations to come.

    Join In
    If you have a great story to tell from your 6 wheeling adventures, we'd love to hear them! Feel free to contact us via our Facebook page, 6x6world account, or email with your story typed up (including pictures if available). Not only stories but we welcome any and all historical 6x6 information to add to our collection and display for everyone to learn. Every person will be credited for their contribution.

    Vintage museum: Vintage ATV Museum - Mudd OxMudd Ox
    Example story: Skidding Through Time - Mudd OxMudd Ox

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    Exciting news, I have allot to learn

    Thank you
    ST400R ATTEX(Smiley)
    500 Super Chief

    I love the smell of Blendzall in the morning

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    I enjoyed the Lester Miller article and look forward to future installments.

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