New 2016 750 HDI

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Thread: New 2016 750 HDI

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    Jan 2016
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    New 2016 750 HDI

    2016 HDI new.jpg2016 new argo 750 HDI.jpg


    This is an awesome setup,and is my favorite way to option out an argo. Just get the meanest, baddest argo out there,and be totally covered to handle 4' of snow or 4' of loon poop.
    New 2016 750 HDI
    infinity camo
    8.4 high torque low speed tranny
    HD belt with standard belt as spare
    hood fan
    brake tail light kit
    carbon fiber seats
    4000lb. powerline long spool winch
    100' blue synthetic cable
    18" adair pro series tracks with both winter kits or 14.5"standard tracks,(less $800.00)
    remote for winch
    mud flaps
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