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Thread: NEW ARGO SCOUT 6x6

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    Jan 2016
    Berlin Wisconsin


    SOLD, but I have 3 more coming in a few days

    I just recieved one of my new scout 6x6s last week, and am very exited about it! I had this one built with the standard tranny,hood fan,brake tail light kit,and the cool gun rack.
    Even with this new product line,to ODG's credit, they are still improving this series,with the support bracing that holds the rear rack up.The new scout 8x8 that we recieved just a couple weeks ago, had the supports made out of tubing,and had no place to store them,exept on the floor. Now,this new 6x6 has the supports made of half tubing, and the two supports fit together, and attach to the rack itself with two pins,and are totally out of the way, and concealed.
    I am going to track this unit with a set of 14.5" adair pro series tracks,and will post pics and the price of this unit shortly.This unit should still come with aprox. 1,500.00 in acc credit,as some credit was used for the hood fan and tail kit.
    Anybody looking for a cool hunting 6x6, that will go anywhere,this is it.

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