Mudd-Ox, Inc. would like to announce that the Max 6x6 lineup has been acquired by Rain-Dance Investments group. Effective immediately, Mudd-Ox Inc. will no longer accept orders for Max 6x6 amphibious ATVs. For all Max vehicle inquiries, please contact Mxi Max ATVs Notwithstanding the sale of the Max line, Mudd-Ox, Inc. will continue to produce Skidsteer T-20 transmissions and will produce parts and accessories for Max 6x6's from 1969-2016.

Mudd-Ox would like to thank the loyal Max customers, as well as the community of 6x6 world, for their endless support. The past three years have been an honorable adventure. All the visitors to our facility, owners attending group rides, and social media provided us with memories we will cherish forever.

We are directing our focus to the Mudd-Ox brand, striving to innovate new models and technologies. There will be more exciting products in the near future.

Once again we thank the community for their endless support and the opportunity to place our mark in Max history.