attex chief

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Thread: attex chief

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    attex chief

    Man look at this guy go!.. how fast do you guys think he is going?
    YouTube - Attex Chief

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    Hey Koda

    I'm going in the high 30s in this shot. The fastest I've been in this machine is 42 mph but that was on flat pavement after building momentum coming down a hill. HydroMike was clocked at 47 mph at the Ledges event a few weeks ago and he has another machine that will go even faster.

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    Jun 2007
    Buffalo, NY area

    ...he has another machine that will go even faster.[/QUOTE]

    He THINKS he has a machine that will go faster, but he can't muster the cahones or land the FAA permit to try it.

    That road at Ledges was perfect. I don't have anything around here even close unless I wait for hard packed snow on my road. The R has about 10 more horsepower, and nearly 500 more RPM to use. Now that I type this, I want to try....


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    May 2007
    Kings Mountain, NC
    The guy in that video must be crazy

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