Homemade Amphibious Tracked Vehicle

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Thread: Homemade Amphibious Tracked Vehicle

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    Feb 2013
    shenendoah valley,va.
    dan .. you may want to consider making a simple tracked machine like those russian 's do . homebuilt using a small car rearend and steering by braking either back wheel . of course they are tracked all the time , but no chains , etc . don't even need a enclosed body unless your going on ponds or rivers . just a bottom and some wheel fenders to keep mud off . check them out in videos on the web . i've always really liked them . the tracks are pretty straight forward to make too . however you go , it will be fun in your heated shed ! jboy

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    Jun 2016
    Newville, PA 17241
    I was actually considering buying a rear differential from an older Mercedes earlier today just to have but I forced myself to hold off until my shed is done lol. Priorities priorities lol

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