2020 Mudd-Ox Announcements

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Thread: 2020 Mudd-Ox Announcements

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    2020 Mudd-Ox Announcements

    We're excited to announce our 2020 model lineup!

    This coming year is looking brighter than ever. We have new developments ready for production such as the VEN25 Kubota diesel Vengeance and VEN31 Kawasaki liquid-cooled Vengeance. XL has gone from 45 hp to 57 hp. Those who attended Ashtabula received a sneak-peak look at our prototype 18" wide Vendetta tires and prototype steering wheel setup for the XL & Fort Mac. These new options will be finalized and released at a later date.

    2020 Mudd-Ox vs Argo Comparison
    This document provides a side by side comparison between our Mudd-Ox models vs similarly equipped Argo's based on drivetrains and accessories. Base MSRP is shown at the top, while total compared price at the bottom.

    2020 Spec Sheets

    Our new YouTube channel is up and running. We are working on fresh content for new products, maintenance, and of course... machines in action. Subscribe to get notifications on new uploads. They're coming quick.
    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCl...puslGSA3lomLJQ

    Here's our latest video - a walkaround of the 2020 Vengeance. In this specific video, we showcase a VEN26 with optional brush guard.

    Social Media
    Follow us on social media! Our Instagram account is new as well. We post company updates, events, and photos regularly.

    As always, you may visit us at www.muddox.net
    Along with our new social media accounts, we are working on revamping the website. New models will be posted along with accompanying videos. One of our favorite upcoming features will be a vintage amphibious ATV section filled with historic literature that can't be found anywhere else online. It will be a slow process to optimize, but it's coming. There are hundreds of scanned files ranging from newspaper clippings to brochures.

    For the time being, you can checkout our product catalog and pricing right on Google:
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    I like the steering wheel for the UTV folks. Wow 18” tires. You mean I have to trade in my 16”s now.
    What it lacks in ground clearance it makes up for with traction.

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    Any 6 wheelers? Or is Argo going to be the only place we can get them new?

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