2020 Needt schedule due to coronavirus

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Thread: 2020 Needt schedule due to coronavirus

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    2020 Needt schedule due to coronavirus

    Will Coronavirus effect the start of the 2020 race season?
    Message from the Series owner

    Most of us may be in a low risk group and feel this is nothing to fret about which is very true, but your 80-year old neighbor or your friend with recent heart surgery this may be very different. Most will be fine just like the flu which I had this past winter and recovered or maybe not even have issues even though exposed or maybe not even be exposed to it altogether.

    The focus is stopping the curve. We are seeing major events, professional sports, March Madness, supercross, schools, colleges, concerts, Disneyland etc all canceling or closing to limit human contact. Social Distancing is a word you hear. We are now seeing local, regional. state, and possible federal acts that may restrict or prohibit gatherings in future which could cause events to be canceled which are out of control of organizations. Italy has something enforced that if I am correct even effects weddings and funeral.

    In the future If there is a limit or ban on traveling by local state or federal guidelines what this means is events like the Spring Kick off would be canceled as this is outside the decision making ability of the series, track or riders. There is a much bigger concern and issue than a race now at this time. Plus Having a series that people travel from all over the east coast and from different areas also presents a challenge. No one can predict the next few weeks but they are crucial and important in decisions to be made in the next few weeks which could effect the start of the 2020 season.

    For every person who is infected if they infect another and then another is how it spreads and stopping it from spreading to someone who is at high risk who could be your parents, friend, grand parents, and so on and by limiting those interactions is what can stop or slow the curve. That is what the President spoke of last night as reason for all these events being canceled and travel restrictions. For those at high risk it can be deadly. We must stop and think of others besides ourselves at this time. If in weeks we have events in area other issues that could present itself is we must ask are their hospitals full and if something does happen is there a place for someone to go that might need medical attention. It will be a difficult and trying time also for allot, but life has changed at this junction. We must Think of those that you love and care for that are high risk as we all have someone in our live that is at the higher risk than others. Every person matters; no one is “expendable".

    It is best to stand at a distance from people. 6 feet or more is safest from infectious droplet spread. The higher your underlying risk factors (age, recent major surgery, cancer, immunocompromised, asthma, diabetes, etc), the more you should avoid crowds. Now is time to take a vacation and make it a stay at home vacation and stay away from others if you are at a high risk. Work at home if you are able. Maybe limit indoor crowd activities for a while and enjoy time with family and go outdoors vs indoors.

    This coronavirus form we are experiencing now from what I understand is very similar to the flu for symptoms , which might make it harder to tell them apart by symptoms alone but the issue is there is no vaccine or remedy and there is still many unknowns. The issue also seems to be how fast it spreads unlike anything else. This also is the start of allergy season so we have those symptoms also for some which can be similar. Be proactive vs reactive is a good way to reason what we are seeing. Don't panic!!! This will pass over time for a majority of us. CoronaVirus in theory has been a round for a long time but this appears to be a different form and in years from now there will probably be something else that is new .

    Wash your hands, practice hygiene, spend time outdoors outside a large crowd or spend time with your family, watch netflix, work from home and if you are sick or are around someone who is infected stay home. Again I will say: If you are sick or in contact with someone who is maybe don't go out and please again stay at home. Skip a race, gathering, or an event as there will be another one. Health of everyone is way more important at this time,

    This is a decent article and facts from the CDC, and with allot of good factual information in it. Go to website that have the experts involved and hate to say it but everything on Facebook is not true.

    This does not have to be a political issue, conspiracy theory behind and so forth, it is something at this point will effect all our lives whether you take it serious or not. It is here and will only most likely get worse before getting better. If things come to a halt and at end we see there was not a real threat maybe that time that was spent stopping is what helped and saved lives. No one knows the final outcome of all of this and I do not think there simply is a right answer. If the fatality rate is 2% but 20 million people are infected that means 400k people could of passed away from this, that is the unknown. One of those people could be someone you know or love.

    One thing to also consider also in all of this is We are a service industry country mainly and the next month will be crucial for many small businesses. Maybe buy a gift card this month and then go out to eat next month to that business is an idea to help support your favorite local small business now without the health risk.

    Again There is NO need to panic just look at big picture and go to sites like the CDC not social media or some news sites to find information and most importantly STOP buying all the damn toilet paper!! and wash your hands! Most will again survive and move on to another day but I encourage all to think of all versus what effects just yourself. This is an issue for all of us at this time unfortunately .

    Race season will come and just like rain and weather that can hamper the start of season like last year this is something new that we all must deal with regardless how you feel about it. The next few weeks will be important for all of us. The race season could obviously be delayed but there will come a time when we will race again. Stay Healthy and wash your hands and stop buying so much toilet paper,

    We are not an expert nor claim to be, so do the research on this yourself to find the facts and truth and again NO need to panic. Race season will eventually get here.

    AS WE RELEASE THIS STATEMENT NORTH CAROLINA GOVERNOR HAS ISSUED A STATEMENT DISCOURAGING EVENTS THAT WILL HAVE MORE THAN 100 PEOPLE. obviously includes an event like ours. That Gov. Roy Cooper is advising against gatherings of more than 100 people in North Carolina, as the state sees more cases of coronavirus. Such gatherings include conferences, assemblies, sporting events, concerts and worship services, he said.


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    Thank you David. Even though i don't have a racer built yet, and don't run the circuit, i appreciate you getting out in front of this and giving everybody a heads up. Hope everybody stays well. What is up with the toilet paper frenzy!

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