We're excited to first showcase our VEN22 right here on 6x6world! With financing through Synchrony, VEN22 can be purchased for as low as 0% down at $381 per month.

Designed to be an exciting entry level Mudd-Ox, our newest model VEN22 packs a punch! This 8x8 is powered by the legendary 22 hp Predator carbureted gasoline engine. It has excelled beyond our expectations in performance and durability, and we're proud to introduce it to the world.

Big Performance, Great Price

Our goal for VEN22 was to offer an affordable 8x8 for recreational and light commercial use without compromise in quality. Customers will receive the same heavy duty chassis with standard features that our competitors make optional such as: winch, roll bar and skid plate as found on all Vengeance models. The difference lies within the engine itself.

Renown for being an inexpensive, reliable and high performance twin cylinder, Predator serves as respectable power plant for our 8x8. Throttle response is quick. Power band provides optimal low end torque and cruising speed. Standard oil cooler and engine compartment fan. You could say it lives up to our quality standards.

Engine Specifications

Torque: 33.2 lbs. / 45 NM

Power: 22 hp / 670 KW

Displacement: 40.9 CI / 670CC

Cooling: Air-cooled

Charging: 40 amp standard, 60 amp optional

Full instrumentation provides information on operating temperatures, charging system voltage, and amenities such as USB and cigarette lighter ports. A glove box for storage. Adjustable passenger grab handle. And of course, the cup holders.

An impressive vehicle needs impressive comfort. This is why our chassis was designed around the operator. Mid-engine allows users enough room to extend their legs forward, while the seat distributes cushion across their entire back. When we're on the trail for hours at a time, we continuously praise this design.

Fun for All

Recreational: Families may enjoy Vengeance in all seasons. It's the key to adventure, an excuse to visit the local off-road park, or even a workhorse for plowing the driveway. Kids and adults share a smile in the Vengeance.

Light commercial: Businesses and municipalities may find VEN22 particularly useful in the transportation of individuals and/or equipment. Whether its tourism, transporting employees to remote areas, or a vehicle for emergency services, Vengeance is there.

Geared to Your Speed

With a laundry list of available accessories, you may outfit the Vengeance into a personalized dream machine. For those operating with tracks in technical terrain, we can gear the Vengeance for lower speeds and higher torque. If you're looking to travel light and quick, we offer a higher top speed with less low end torque. Somewhere in the middle? We have that covered, too.


Available financing for US and Canadian citizens! For more information, see our financing page here: https://www.muddox.net/financing/