Prairie Bobcat 6x6 amphibious machine

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Thread: Prairie Bobcat 6x6 amphibious machine

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    It also has a cab complete with windshield wipers and in cab heating and defrost using hot air from the engine compartment, but I had to take it off to get a better look at the drive chain adjusters and will put it back on for winter once iI'm done.

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    Wow. There's a lot going on with that drive train. I think it's pretty cool that it has 4 speeds in addition to the range of speeds offered by the CVT.

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    i did just watch the short video of a bobcat ( mc dougal auctioneers ) on u tube . shows some good shots of the shifter and such . looks just like yours ! cab and all . johnboy va. p.s. could it be the same one ? who knows...

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    BTW I researched the T92-1B transmission and found it was used in some tractor models and parts are still being made by Olympic Gear Products. I also found out the shifting lever wears out after about 20 years of usage resulting in it being stuck into two gears at once, but it can be repaired by building up the rounded edges with hard welding and then ground back to squared edges, so I'm going to take it apart and take it to a buddy who's a fabricator to get fixed if that is the problem. Thank goodness for everyone that posts information online to help other people out, I can't imagine trying to find this same information out 30 years ago. I will post updates as I proceed with the restoration.
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    I bought mine near Hinton, Alberta a few years ago, so doubt that it would be the same machine as the one you saw. Now that I'm retired I have time to work on it and can't wait to get it running again.

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    I don't know much about the PB, but do know that's a Jumbo and is probably mid 80s. There are some threads in the other AATV forum.
    First thing I would do is check the rpm with a tachometer, you will want between 3600 and 4000 rpm, before you mess with the governor check for slack in the throttle cable and go from there.
    As far as the brakes I think you are stuck with those and perhaps a religning of the band's may help. I thought I remembered the trans as being a Spicer but could be mistaken.

    Get the engine right and then see where you are at, as with all these machines more throttle is often required during turning to help push the skidding tires.

    Good luck

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