Hello all,
I picked up my very first Attex 6x6 I think it's a chief 400. I have been rebuilding and having fun doing it.

This is what I have done:

1. Replaced the fuel pump and filter
2. Cleaned the carb.
3. Replaced the throttle cable with a Honda FL250 Odyssey throttle cable
4. made 1 front sprocket (it was missing) with a sprocket from tractor supply
5. Replaced the front chains #50 (again tractor supply)
6. Replaced the ignition switch (again tractor supply)
7. Redid the exhaust
8. Replaced the stock rimless tires with 22/11.00-8 Stryker atv tires on 8x7 5 bolt rims (with wheel adapters)

What I need to do:

1. Fix some cracks and 1 big hole where the muffler was in the tub
2. Replace axle gaskets
3. Replace at less 1 axle
4. Make front chain tensioners
5. Replace the drive belt
6. rebuild the t20 transmission (it doesn't like to go in to reverse) maybe i can get away with just replace the shifting levers.

What I want to do:

1. Mount a winch to the front
2. Mount a 2 inch receiver hitch to the back
3. Make a split shift
4. Repaint it
5. Make a roll cage (maybe)

Any help with any of the items on my list will be greatly appreciated.



I will post more pics as I take them.