Drive belts for all models

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Thread: Drive belts for all models

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    Drive belts for all models

    Hi all,
    So I was looking on here for drive belt numbers for a Max, but never came up with a manufacture number, rather a supplier part number. Not much help when you can't order from a supplier anymore.
    I found a very useful tool from Dayco Products which can give you a part number for the particular belt size you are looking for, IE; outside diameter and width.

    Just type in the size you are looking for and it will display all the sizes close to it or exactly the size, and give you a part number which can be crossed to any other manufactures belts.
    Search Ebay for best prices.
    Very useful for repowers with different motors, changing clutch types or just complete modifications.

    I know someplace there is a calculator which will give you the OD of a belt by inputting the clutch diameters and the distance between them. When I find it I will post it here. FOUND IT!

    Both these calculators work well.
    Just remember to measure the small diameter (drive clutch) with a belt on it to get the proper size.
    If you just measure just the drive clutch the belt will be too short.

    Hope this helps.
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