Hey everyone. I picked up a HOOT ETV the other day and am having some trouble sourcing parts. I can't find a parts manual anywhere and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. The seller indicated that most of the parts can be found easily at NAPA or any AG supplier, but I can't even find part numbers for a lot of the stuff.

I would like the following:

Belt numbers
Reverse rubber drive wheels.

The machine is a little jerky when you first get going forward. Not sure if it is a clutch adjustment or the belt is worn.

In reverse, the machine is very jerky and wont even move if there is any resistance like sand or even a slight incline. It appears that the rubber reverse drive wheels don't make great contact with the drive axle drum....but have it adjusted as far as I can. I am wondering if those reverse wheels have worn so much that they need to be replaced.

No idea, as I am still learning about this machine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!