New / 2022 Argo aurora

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Thread: New / 2022 Argo aurora

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    New / 2022 Argo aurora

    Hey all, I’ve heard some talk about this new clutching for the auroras. I’ve heard that some machines are burning belt with tracks. Or in high torque scenarios.
    Or is this high tourney clutching running good and what Argo has hyped them up to be?
    Are the auroras having any other issues that people are having? Over all I have heard they are doing pretty good.

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    Mar 2020
    I have a 2020 850 and have not had any belt issues while running tracks.
    We put on a bunch of miles ice fishing last year and only greased bearings and oiled chains as recommended.
    Everything is looking good so far.

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    I have a 2021 800 huntmaster with tracks. Everything is looking good so far!!

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    Its been along time coming but i just picked up a 21 Argo Aurora 950 im super excited.

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    May 2009
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hughes_robert18 View Post
    Its been along time coming but i just picked up a 21 Argo Aurora 950 im super excited.

    My new beer holder spilled some on the trails - in it's hair and down it's throat.
    Joe Camel never does that.

    Advice is free, it's the application that costs.

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