It's no surprise that 6x6world is currently operating on an old version of vBulletin forum software. This is simply because the aftermarket photo gallery has been abandoned by its creators, and has not received necessary updates to keep it compatible with new versions of vBulletin.

At the time of the software's release in 2011 it was cutting edge. Now, many users find the mechanics of 6x6world very clunky and hard to use.

If we update to the latest version of vBulletin, the community photo gallery will be lost. Rather than having a section for photos such as Argo, Attex, etc users would have to post their photos directly in threads.

Pros of updating:
-Easy to upload photos in threads. We can have threads specifically for categorized photos (such as Argo, Attex) which can promote discussion on the forum.
-Overall easier experience for posting
-Modern software that works easier on our administrative side

Cons of updating:
-No more community photo gallery
-We will have to archive the current website as-is. All the threads, photos, and links will still work when visiting the "old" forum. All future posts will be done on a "new" 6x6world website. It will be two different websites entirely. We can make them look very similar to keep the classic appearance.

This is a discussion for all of you to decide what's best. We see both the pros and cons of each decision. Please feel free to share your views in this thread.