Ok, I am selling my Max II. It is the machine I always wanted, from the time I was a kid until the day I bought it a little over a year ago.

The reason I am selling this little guy is because I just am too old to get in and out of it easily. My joints are just too worn out for a Max. Sorry to say.

This is a good little machine. New motor that the guy before me put in, and it only has about 50 or less hours on it. Runs great. Everything works. It runs really good and has lots of power. The tub is solid with no cracks or holes, I have plugs for all the drain holes and I put new bolts in the body to hold the upper and lower tubs together. It has a vinal top, roll bar, and windshield.

It is ready for you to start up and take out and have fun.

I am asking $4000. I am in Hazelton, West Virginia. Just off the I79 exit 29. No, it is not clean, not it is not pretty, no it is not going to win any beauty contests. It was painted black before I got it, and I actually like that color.

Message me here or email me at markwv85@gmail.com

Max ii.jpgMax II mud.jpgMaxII & trailer.jpg