Frontier 650 8x8 snow tracks

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Thread: Frontier 650 8x8 snow tracks

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    Frontier 650 8x8 snow tracks

    Just about to pull the trigger on a frontier 650 8x8. I'm getting it primarily to access my cabin on the winter and take the kids up the mountains in the snow. Will the 650 be enough power to get me around in DEEP powder....I live in BC Canada and it gets real deep. Any info from experience is much appreciated. Cheers!

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    Nov 2020
    Southwestern Ont Can about 5 miles from Lake Huron just north of the town of Goderich.
    I have an older 6x6 with a transplanted 23 Vanguard and 18 in super tracks which keep me on top of the snow regardless of the depth or conditions with no problem in the power department. I am running a two speed tranny in high gear on the flats , low gear on hills and rough terrain. Breaking a trail in the deeper snow I ran in low gear. As far as floatation on the snow, my neighbor had a snowmobile that he would bury in the fluffy snow in about 50 feet. I would ride the Argo over to where he was buried, just to ask him if he needed a hand. The only time you will get stuck if you high center the machine. That's where the winch comes in.

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