I have a Max IV/Buffalo project for sale. I'm currently away from home but will be back in about two weeks and I will have some pictures. I'm getting out of the hobby temporarily until my new house and garage is built. My intensions were to build a buffalo lower (mid engine frame) with a Max IV upper with two seats in line (lets face it, Max IV's don't fit four grown people). I have a Buffalo roll cage, new sprockets, new Tsubaki chains, all axles are in great shape. I think I also have all new bearings (but let me verify that when I get home). I also have a used buffalo upper in good shape with the lights and wiring harness that will also go with it in case you want the buffalo instead of a max IV look. I also have six 26" barely used rawhide tires on rims. The lower is brand new, never cut that I got when Max was owned by muddox and the Max IV upper is also new that I got from RI. The whole thing has always been stored inside, never a day in the sun. The T-20 is an old one with the popsicle sticks that probably could use a rebuild and it has a 2 cycle clutch attached to it. The only thing missing is an engine and I guess a four cycle clutch for the T-20. I'm pretty sure I bought a rebuild kit for the T-20 a while ago which will also go with it. Please ask any questions as I may have forgotten something. I do not want to break this up as I don't have a lot of time to pack and ship things and I'm trying to make my move easier so I would like it all to go. I would consider selling one of the uppers separate as most people would want one or the other for a project. I am located in Wells Maine. $3600.00. I have a Kohler 500 engine (single cylinder) with electric start that runs great for $400.