K17 Series 2

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Thread: K17 Series 2

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    K17 Series 2

    hi guys, is the compression on a k17 series 2 suppose to be 90 or above? I read through the manual and didnt see a clear cut and dry compression. Im trying to diagnose the argo i just bought.


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    Jun 2020
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    What is the engine not doing? Running rough? Poor power?

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    I bought it running rough, planning on doing it up for a project, its in great shape.
    She will run, however has no power really. It can crawl doing about 3-4 km/hr then floods herself and wont run again. I started at it last night. I noticed that the rear cylinder was ice cold, however the front cylinder was warm after running the engine. Which is odd because she has 90 Psi on the rear and it does have spark.

    The man i bought the machine from brought it to a few shops which had no luck figuring out the issue. So far, i know it has spark, it has 90 psi on the rear cylinder and about 100 psi on the front. Running it with choke on/off doesnt matter in this scenario. Gonna try pulling the carb today most likely and comparing it with the service manual stats.

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    I have the same machine and have had similar issues when I bought it. Check your points gap I think I have mine set to 0.018. If it's too big you will have a weak spark. Also check the connections on the high tension wires they might be corroded/ ****ty looking. Engine vibration might be enough to disconnect one when it's running. Other than that a good carb clean will never hurt.

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    this is probably going to sound dumb but did you put in new plugs? You may have to pull the valve spring cover to make sure that the intake valve is opening. You may have a worn cam lobe or something similar. You have compression, spark but is the cylinder getting fuel. Maybe the intake to the cold cylinder is plugged or the gasket is pooched and it is sucking air instead of fuel. Running on one cylinder will make it pretty sluggish for sure.
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